Admission Procedures

  • TEECS is happy to welcome all students who meet the age and health requirements of their local school district
  • A kindergarten student selected for admission must meet the cutoff date for their local school district
  • Preference is given to our home districts of Franklin, North Brunswick and South Brunswick Townships



  • All interested applicants must fill out the online application by the second Friday of February each year
  • Only one application per student is permitted




Lottery Rules and Procedures

  • Students are admitted to TEECS by lottery. All offers of registration shall be made in order of the lottery results and established waitlist
  • Absolutely no offer shall be made to a student not entitled to the next available space
  • After the application deadline passes, applications are segregated into “Resident” and “Non-Resident” categories, per grade level
  • The lottery is for applications received from residents of Franklin, North Brunswick or South Brunswick Townships for each grade level
  • A waiting list will be generated from this lottery. If a student appears more than once on this list, all entries save the last one will be deleted
  • Any applications received from non-resident students and/or after the due date will be appended to the end of the wait list in the order they are received
  • The waiting list will be used to fill open spots for each grade. If there is an open spot and you are selected, you will receive a phone and/or email from TEECS with an enrollment application, a transportation form (B6T) and health/physical form along with a list of documents that are required for admission. Students will not be enrolled until ALL documents are received
  • Those not responding within the timeframe given and with the proper paperwork will be placed at the end of the waiting list
  •  The waiting list is used for the entire following school year. At any time a spot becomes available, we will offer it to the next student on the waiting list for that grade level
  • If the waiting list is exhausted for any particular grade, the spot will be offered to a non-resident applicant