Special Projects

Orion’s Quest

This year Teecs Elementary students from grade 5th & 9th grade will participate in Orion’s Quest Mission which will be a part of curriculum integrates with Earth and Space Science.

Orion’s Quest (OQ) is an Internet assisted education program that employs current NASA research to reach and inspire “the next generation of explorers.” The mission has academic emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) intertwined with the teamwork skills that are a necessary part of everyday life for NASA scientists. During each OQ mission students participate in a classroom experiment or activity that mirrors the research experiment on the ISS(International Space Station), and then do some type of an analysis and data gathering activity. These hands-on inquiry based activities are supported by near-real time digital and video images downlinked from orbit and provided to the classroom via the OQ Website


The students with Mrs. J Patel in grade 5th will participate in the investigation “Butterflies in Space”

Launched to the International Space Station aboard NASA’s mission STS-129 this experiment investigates the ability of “Painted Lady Butterflies” (Vanessa cardui) to “pupate” in microgravity. This activity supports the research of the Butterfly Pavilion at Westminster, Colorado and engages students in analysis of photos of the butterflies from egg to emergence in both the space-based and ground control experiments.


The students with Mrs. Ghosh in grade 9th  will participate in “Managing Microbes in Space.” 

Managing Microbes In Space will be involved in a journey of discovery as they support the work of NASA scientists looking for ways to protect astronauts in space.This experiment is a first of a kind study of the interactions of germs and host organisms in real time while in microgravity. By analyzing video downlinked from an experiment onboard the International Space Station and submitting their data to the Principle Investigator Dr. Cheryl Nickerson of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, students will be engaged in real space-based research and work in support of NASA’s Human Space Exploration program.