Calling for Justice

Calling for Justice

With TEECS family: parents, colleagues, and loved ones, we grieve and stand committed to calling for justice for George, Breonna, and Ahmaud. Hatred, racism, and violence against anyone anywhere shatters the peace and affects all of us.

As a community, we wish for true peace and justice everywhere, but it can only grow where the evils of racism, ethnic and religious bigotry are rooted out.

We encourage you to be unwavering in your dedication to fostering and demanding respect for all. We need everyone in the TEECS family to stand together with renewed vigor to end racism by sowing the seed of peace everywhere.

We will continue to emphasize equity in your school and will make sure it is given a core component of our strategic planning. We have a strong social studies curriculum that is very inclusive and detailed and inculcates social justice.

Let us unite to build a better future for our kids based on peace, justice, and equality for all.