On September 1, 2020, Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School opened its doors! We are pleased to announce that we have been able to start our school year off safely and on schedule! The team at TEECS has worked extremely hard to follow all the guidelines provided by the Governor, the CDC, the State and the County to make sure we open safely and with all the appropriate safety measures in place.


This year marks the first year of TEECS’ senior class! We are excited to offer them virtual research classes and internships with various organizations.

TEECS’ classes are also using e-textbooks and online notebooks to stay on track and organized. Students in all grades use e-textbooks minimizing the need for hard copy textbooks. Google classroom is used as the main platform throughout grades K-12. All their e-textbooks are integrated into google classrooms in order for the effective management of learning materials. All of our high school RVCC classes are hybrid at this time. High school academy students who take college courses through RVCC access their course work through the canvas platform.


TEECS is fully digital allowing for all our students K-12 to use chromebooks and/or iPads to access their classes in real time. TEECS’ new schedule offers students four (4) days of hybrid learning with Wednesdays as a full virtual day for all students. At this time, about 75% of our student body has chosen the virtual option, so our in-person classes are small allowing for socially distant classrooms throughout the day.


  1. In the morning, during parent drop off, security does a visual check to make sure all students are wearing masks and temperatures are taken before parents leave the school lot and students enter the building.


  1. In the morning, during bus drop off, there are ThermoScan machines in the gym and main entrance that will check each student for both their temperature as well as their face masks.


  1. Each staff member is also checked by the ThermoScan machine upon arrival. Any visitors to the building are also required to wear a mask and temperatures are checked.


  1. All hallways have been lined with social distance markers for staff and students to follow throughout the day as well as posters on the walls reminding everyone of social distance rules and sanitary practices to keep everyone safe and healthy.


  1. The floor of the cafeteria has been lined with social distance markers and tables now have plastic dividers to keep all students at a safe distance from each other while they are eating and masks are off. All tables and other surfaces in the cafeteria are sprayed with disinfectant between sessions.


  1. During recess, all sports equipment and playground equipment get sprayed down with disinfectant between sessions. All recess monitors wear masks while students, as long as they are outside and at a safe distance from each other, can remove their masks.
  2. The school building receives a deep cleaning/sanitizing on both Wednesdays and Sundays.