Admission Procedures

  • TEECS is happy to welcome all students who meet the age and health requirements of their local school district
  • A kindergarten student selected for admission must meet the cutoff date for their local school district
  • Preference is given to our home districts of Franklin, North Brunswick and South Brunswick Townships



  • All interested applicants must fill out the online application by the third Friday of January each year
  • Only one application per student is permitted


Lottery Rules and Procedures

  • Students are admitted to TEECS by lottery. All offers of registration shall be made in order of the lottery results and established wait list
  • The lottery will be held on the first Saturday of February each year
  • Absolutely no offer shall be made to a student not entitled to the next available space
  • After the application deadline passes, applications are segregated into “Resident” and “Non-Resident” categories, per grade level
  • The lottery is for applications received from residents of Franklin, North Brunswick or South Brunswick Townships for each grade level
  • A waiting list will be generated from this lottery. If a student appears more than once on this list, all entries save the last one will be deleted
  • Any applications received from non-resident students and/or after the due date will be appended to the end of the wait list in the order they are received
  • The waiting list will be used to fill open spots for each grade. If there is an open spot and you are selected, you will receive an enrollment offer via email with a link to an online enrollment application and instructions to complete enrollment
  • Those not responding within the time frame given and with the proper paperwork will be placed at the end of the waiting list
  •  The waiting list is used for the entire following school year. At any time a spot becomes available, we will offer it to the next student on the waiting list for that grade level
  • If the waiting list is exhausted for any particular grade, the spot will be offered to a non-resident applicant