Fundraising / Future Improvements


TEECS is always looking to improve and add to our sustainability efforts. In doing so, we sometimes need help from the community to achieve our goals. If you would like to contribute in any way to helping us succeed in our efforts, please take a look at the list below for what we are trying to achieve next.


  • Building a greenhouse around our school garden
  • Purchasing a few aero gardens for the building
  • Building an arch trellis for the entrance of the garden
  • Installing decorative stone (plastic liner, sand, and stone) in between the raised beds to prevent weeds


Please click on the link for the Green Team’s Amazon Wish List.


Nupla 27 in. Round Point Shovel (3 total)


Costa Farms, Zamioculcas, 12 in. White/Natural Indoor Planter


Costa Farms Snake, Sansevieria, 12 in. White/Natural Indoor Planter


AeroGarden Farm 24Plus, with Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black