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What is different about the NJSLA(PARCC) test?

The way some NJSLA(formerly known as PARCC) test questions are asked may look unfamiliar. While an old test was looking for the right answer, these tests are also looking for evidence that the student understands and can apply concepts. Below are side-by-side examples of “old” test items and NJSLA tests items:


Take a Practice Test – Try out a practice test to become familiar with the online format and the types of questions on the new tests:


Accessibility Features Available to ALL Students – NJSLA accessibility features provide a range of tools, supports, and preferences that are available to any student at his or her discretion during assessment.

How Can the NJSLA Score Report Enhance Your Child’s Education?

Understanding the Score Report – The short video on the left explains how to interpret your child’s Score Report and provides tips on how you can support his or her learning.


Helping Your Child 


For those that are unfamiliar to the NJSLA format, or even what testing will be like for students, visit the NJSLA Parent Checklist on the right to see how you can help them out!


Testing Calendar 


Please be sure to check the testing calendar for all important dates. Please note that different grades will test during different weeks.

Assessment Plan

New Jersey school legislature requires schools to annually notify parents of standardized tests to be administered during the school year 2020-21.

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