Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School

Elsewhere, Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School in the Somerset section of Franklin also honored veterans with two assemblies.

The elementary school students gathered in the gym with special guest, U.S. Army Capt. Alex Medeiros. Representatives in each class shared their appreciation by presenting cards, poems and writings they had worked on. Medeiros shared some of his experiences in the military, as well as answered questions from the students about his time in the Army.

Middle and high school students gathered in the learning center with three honored guests: Franklin Township Police Officer Jose Jaime, Sgt. Gerron Smart and Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Larobina.

Students showed their appreciation through poetry, speeches, and songs. In addition, students held a Q&A where the veterans laughed about their fondest memories serving as well as shared their insights on why and how they joined the military.


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