Franklin Township: Thomas EnergySmart Charter School’s Patriot Day – Remembers of 9/11

SOMERSET, NJ – Students and faculty at Thomas Energy Smart Charter School an assembly in remembrance of 9/11.

“Today is the 18th anniversary of that tragic day and it is important that we continue to remember the victims and their families along with the first responders and volunteers that risked their lives to help,” TEECS Lead Person, Oguz Yildiz said in a news release. “All faculty and students took part in the morning’s assembly out on the soccer field, which included the singing of the National Anthem by our 9th grader, Jenna, followed by a speech about the importance of the day by our 11th grader, Mikaylah.”

Earlier in the week, students made American flags in their classrooms, and today they lined them outside of the school in a gesture to show patriotism.


“We hope the students felt the importance of the day and understand the impact this tragedy had on our Country, as well as recognize the reasons we are proud to be Americans,” Yildiz concluded. “Some of our heroes still need our support as they suffer through 9/11 related illnesses, and by honoring this day each year, we remember their sacrifices.”


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