In-Door Plants

Science has proven that there are many benefits to having in-door plants around you in your living and working spaces.

1. Indoor plants help reduce stress levels

2. Real plants sharpen your attention

3. Working with plants is therapeutic

4. Plants help you recover from illness faster

5. Plants boost your productivity

6. Plants improve your whole outlook on work

7. Plants improve the quality of indoor air

TEECS is committed to making our school environment as healthy and productive as possible. Throughout the halls, we have added hanging plants that will help keep our air healthy and halls vibrant. With your plant donations, we have been able to add plants to the classrooms. Students are really enjoying them and look forward to their turn to water them.

This year, The Green Team has installed a living wall in the main lobby of our school with the help of the Abeyagunawardena family. The Abeyagunawardena bought and donated the supplies for the living wall, and the Green Team purchased the plants. The plants hanging on our living wall are called “Money Trees”.


The Money Tree gets its name from the Feng Shui belief that it will bring positive energy and good luck to the owner. It has been said the Money Tree may reduce stress, anxiety, and may also help relieve sleeping disorders.

Sustainable Improvements