STEM Projects and State House Annexe

High School Team: Srikar Sadhu, Tejaswini Ashok, Ujjayi Pamidigantam

Middle School Team: Sriya Sadhu, Lalith Ashok, Udgita Pamidigantam

Two teams from Thomas Edison Energy Smart Charter School have participated in AWISNJ (Associate for women in STEM) Arduino med health challenge and, as part of the challenge, they developed Arduino based medical devices.

High school team developed an innovative stress band, called CARPAL BAND, to proactively monitor pressure applied on the median nerve as high compression can lead to an acute problem called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Middle school team developed an innovative eye testing device, called VISIBLE TECH, for detecting color vision deficiency (CVD), CVD is a growing problem in children due to excessive usage of electronics like phones and tablets. This project also received the honorable mention award in Toshiba Exploravision contest.

High school team also participated in AWISNJ entrepreneurship and Innovation challenge and submitted a business plan to commercialize the CARPEL BAND on behalf of a firm that they had established by the name, Robomia LLC. This project has been shortlisted for the final round by the selection committee.

Both teams were invited to present aforementioned innovative medical devices at the NJ state house on March 26th as part of NJ STEM Month, organized by NJ STEM Pathways in which the distinguished attendees’ list included senators, assembly men, assembly women, speaker, deputy speaker, head of staff capitol hill etc. Both projects were well appreciated and received encouraging inquiries in relation to funding and/or collaboration.

Students spent 4 months in design and development of the product hardware, software and building the prototype and testing it –