Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School

On Saturday, Nov. 23, TEECS’ FTC High School Robotics teams went to Kean University to participate in an FTC Meet-up Event. TEECS’ Girls Team, Fembot, and the High School Team, EnergySmart, both participated.


On Sunday, Nov. 24, TEECS’ FLL Middle School Robotics teams, EnergySmart and RoboSmart, went to Bound Brook High School to participate in the Bound Brook Bash qualifying event. TEECS won the Core Values Award.



Also: Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School held Science Olympiad Team Camp on Thanksgiving Weekend at Alpine Scout Campsite.

Aside from studying, everyone enjoyed the weekend playing various games such as diving for raisins in yogurt and catching apples on a string, as well as hiking, rock wall climbing, playing archery, and bonfires where they were able to make S’mores.

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